We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the producers of natural extracts in the name of M/S RAJKEERTH AROMATIC AND BIOTECH PVT LTD is about 75kms south of Chennai with modern amities. We comply with the statutory norms of PCB, ISO Certificate 22000-2005, ISO 2001:9000, EXPLOSIVES ,SSI, INSPECTOR OF FACTRIES, Excise, Sales tax etc. We extract through the following processes.

  • Solvent extraction process
  • Hydro and steam distillation.
  • Fractional distillation of essential oils
  • Hyrdogenation
  • Perfume compounding
  • Resinoid benzoin
Solvent extraction.
We are specialized in solvent extraction process of flowers like, Tuberose, Jasmine Grandiflorum & Sambac, Lotus, Rose, Mimosa and various herbal extracts. Our process involves unique triple filtration methods for better purification. We use various solvents depending upon the application from Hexane, Diethyl acetate, Acetone, Ethylene dicholoride, Toulene etc.

Hydro and Steam distillation.
We are doing distillation of various Grasses like palmrose ,lemon grass ,Javacitronella, Clove leaf oil, roots .

Fractional distillation
We have fractional distillation capacity upto 1500kg/day. Our one of the columns is of 1250kgs capacity Of SS316 ,of total ht 70 ft .It is a state of art with latest technology capable distilling upto 2deg separation.

We have good hydrogenation facility upto 600kg to do citronellal to citronellol and di methyl octonal.

Resinoid Benzoin
We have capacity to do 500kg/day of Resinoid benzoin, Labdanam, MYRR.

Capacities and capabilities;
Process capacity.
We have Solvent Extracts of 9nos of 5000lts and 5nos of 2500lts, 2nos of 1000lts with adequate Storage tanks .We can also undertake ethenol and methanol extraction.
Our Steam distillation can be done with 800kg for each of five extractors.
1. Fractional distillation upto 2500kgs/day
2. Hydrogenation upto 500 to 600kgs/day
3. Gum Benzoin upto 500 to 600kgs/day

1) ISO Certificate 22000-2005
2) ISO Certificate 9001:2008
3) FAFAI Member
4) Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Bored Certificate
5) Explosive License Certificate
6) Sales Tax (VAT&CST) Certificate
7) Inspector of Factory
8) Export & Import Certificate
9) Excise duty Certificate
10) Company of Incorporation
11) (SSI) Small Scale Industries Certificate
12) ECGC policy