Floral concretes and absolutes

Tube Rose, Jasmine Grandi, Jasmine sambac, Rose, Lotus

Distillation products

Our distillation setup is made up of SS316 (100ft) distillation column

Spices oils, Oleo-resins and its Crystals

Perfumery compounds for Soaps, Detergents, Hair oils, Shampoos and Agarbatti

An essential oil is the concentrated essence of plants.

This volatile oil is termed as essential because it contains a distinctive scent, or essence

Aroma therapy oils

Herbal Extracts

Manufacturer of home care products

Rajkeerth Aromatics and Biotech Pvt Ltd. (ISO Certificate 22000-2005)

Specialized in solvent extraction process of flowers like, Tuberose, Jasmine Grandiflorum & Sambac..

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